Strawberry Scent Forever (Perfume Thoughts: Wild Strawberry and Parsley, Jo Malone)

STROWI really do like the direction Jo Malone has been taking lately with regards to their releases, under the creative direction of Celine Roux. Every single release since Christine Nagle left has appealed to me, and the scents under their Herb Garden Collection series have been no exception. The whole collection, even as an idea, is interesting to begin with, and the first one I tried, Wild Strawberry and Parsley, was an utter delight. I have been wearing it for most of the past two weeks just because it is the perfect not-quite-spring fragrance. First of all, the combo – while parsley is interesting enough, strawberry could have easily gone Bath and Body Works territory. Of course, this perfume is smarter than that – it has not really not much of both notes (on my skin, anyway) but it has a note that is very appealing to me: tomato leaf. I like it so much I had to look at what other fragrances has tomato leaf as a major note (Penhaligon’s Esprit du Roi came to mind instantly) But this tomato leaf here is paired with black currant (another favorite note) and it’s this juicy, berry accord that I can’t stop sniffing – and it makes the strawberry note not too cloying. I wish I could really get the parsley, but the herb I get is basil, and it enters about midway through. This herbaceous/sweet perfume was just so perfect last week when, here in the desert, the temperature still hasn’t boiled, but there’s sun and a little nip in the air. By this week, it is a lto warmer, and I was wearing this today, and it didn’t sour or anything. One one hand, i am glad this is only available in the cheap-ish 1 oz bottle, but I looked this morning, and I have used at least an eighth of it already. So, basically, you can never make me happy. Oh, and yes it is fleeting, as some Jo Malones can be, but I usually wear a scarf and spray it there so I get whiffs all through out the day.

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