Endless Love (Book Thoughts: I’m Glad About You, Theresa Rebeck)

25776196I wanted to read ‘I’m Glad About You’ because of its author, Theresa Rebeck, a known playwright, and is also the creator of one of my favorite show from a few years back, SMASH. I was expecting a book that was very New York – of urban people and how they connect. The book isn’t exactly what I thought it would be. This is a story of two people who meet in Ohio when they are teenagers. He is a Catholic and doesn’t believe in premarital sex. She is an actress and moves to New York to pursue his craft. I get that idea that sometimes you have to ask the universe why you still keep on running into the “one” even as your lives takes different turns, but the characters here are just so unlikable that I cannot root for either one, much less their getting together. The plot takes twists and turns that are interesting, but sometimes they don’t make sense at all. We have a villain that comes in and out of these people’s lives, but we don’t exactly know what his motivations are. The whole book seems overlong, yet the ending seems abrupt. I have a lot of problems with the book but strangely found it compelling. Rebeck has a fine ear for dialogue – the narrative feels like a screenplay, even a theater piece. The title of the book comes from the Navajo way of saying ‘I Love You,’ and I feel the same way about the book. It infuriated me, it baffled me, but I am glad it exists.

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