The Best Days Of Their Lives (Television Thoughts: Vanderpump Rules Season Four)


imagesMy  thoughts on the just-concluded Season Four of Vanderpump Rules. I just finished watching the last of the episodes, which is the third part of the reunion. I must say that I know these people do seem like the scum of all scums, but I cannot help it. I repeat, I cannot help but be entertained by them, and the show. I think it may be because these aren’t young people behaving badly, but, really, almost middle-aged brats still behaving badly. The best thing about the show is the cast: they push each others’ buttons in the best way possible.

First of all, the MVP for me is Kristen. Technically, she really shouldn’t be in teh show anymore. She has been fired from Sur, and as of lat count, most int he cast hated her. But she is still there, chugging along, and by the end of the season is back to being friends with almost everyone. And i love the fact that she is an unapologetic bitch (sorry, Madge) in all senses of the word. I hate the fact that while Jax sleeps around with all these girls, he is considered a hero, but everyone slut-shames Kristen. Double standards, anyone?

And speaking of Jax, he is still the #1 guy, as he claims, but his foils are getting a little too obvious. He has always been the hardest worker in the cast, in the sense that he makes sure he is involved and is in the middle of all the story lines. No wonder LVP doesn’t care if he takes home half the things at Sur – he keeps the lights open at that place.

And Ariana. Someone described her as someone who is trying too hard to make it seems like she is not trying too hard. Mirthless. Sandoval, don’t let her drag you way down. And Stassi’s back, and yes she groveled her way back, but it’s worth it. It’s fun to watch her now, knowing how we have followed her since the first season. I don’t know if she will be back next year, but if they are smart (and they are) they will make sure she is.


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