The Night They Called A Day (Book Thoughts: The Sunlit Night, Rebecca Dinerstein)

22929706A lot of reviews for Rebecca Dinerstein’s ‘The Sunlight Night’ descrbe it as quirky. I am down for quirk. It has also been described as a love story, yet here I am around 62% on my Kindle and the two supposed lovers, Yasha and Frances, have barely spoken twenty words to each other. This book tried my patience. It is written well, and the locale being described – Lofoten, north of the Norwegian swa, seems interesting, but spending time there seemed boring, and the book spends a lot of time there. I wanted to give up on the book numerous times, but I told myself I wanted to finish this no matter what. It wasn’t time well spent. I’ll charge this off to “it’s not you, it’s me.”

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