The Sun Is Yellow (Perfume Thoughts: Penhaligon’s Ostara)

OSTARAEAUDETOILETTEYou would think that because I lived in the desert, I would steer clear of a ‘solar perfume,’ or one that celebrates sunlight as Spring starts. But specifically, the perfume is a celebration of the daffodil, which is a staple at a lot of English countrysides. And since I am such an Anglophile, I am into this backstory hook line and sinker. It’s a beautiful floral, and I can smell the daffodil pretty clearly, and it’s dewy and fresh. It’s slightly green, as I do get the hints of the bergamot. I know that there is supposed to be narcissus in here, but it shows up for me near the drydown and it becomes more prominent then. The whole thing is very “yellow” to me, if colors can describe scents. I have read that a lot of people get the white musk drydown but thankfully, for me it’s still the daffodil and narcissus, and perhaps  the beeswax towards the end – I get beeswax in a lot of Beertrand Duchafour’s creations. On cooler Spring days this is perfection, but it might be too sunny for me on hot Summer days. We will see if that happens.

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