Bad Romance (Television Thoughts: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S01 E18, Why Is Josh In A Bad Mood)



Here we are, at the penultimate episode for this season, and it is looking like I am right again in my prediction. From the beginning, I always thought that Rebecca’s ultimate dilemma would be between Josh and Greg, and I bet the season finale will leave us all hanging as to who she will choose. It makes the best sense, and cue in the battling hash tags of #TeamJosh and #TeamGreg (I think we all know who I am rooting for)

But first we need to get to that place, and this episode sets that up perfectly. And in this episode, we see Rebecca and Greg in the middle of getting hot and heavy – both physically and emotionally. But of course, they both have their guards up: neither one wants to fully verbalize what they are both feeling inside. And normally, this could incite some tension – sexual, romantic – but the problem here is we really know how Greg feels about Rebecca so, for me anyway, I get a vibe that Rebecca is not into Greg as much as he is. But that may be just projection from my end – I wonder if other viewers feel it as well. And of course, We sense that there is a change in Josh, too – gone is that fawning adoration that he feels from Rebecca. Any man would miss the kind of attention she used to shower him.

Which brings us all to next week’s season finale, with Broadway star Lea Salonga guesting. It’s so exciting.

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