Mapping Emotions (Book Thoughts: The A-Z Of Us, Jim Kibbler)

1518349There are a lot of map references in Jim Keeble’s “The A-Z Of Us,” starting with the title, of course,  which comes from the A-Z guide, which a lot of people used to use while traveling in London. This story is set around 2004, and I am sure people now have moved on to phone apps (I am sure there is a equivalent on the App Store) The metaphor of using a map to navigate our lives is a little heavy-handed here, but Kibbler sort of shuns the idea at the end, with one of his characters realizing that sometimes the most joyous moments in our lives happen at random times, without planning. I liked this book a lot with its flawed protagonists – Gemma and Ian – trying to figure out what to do after stumbling in different and similar aspects of their lives. The blurb asked that age-old question – can friends become lovers when it looks like they are meant to be, and I am glad the book did not fall into the trap of that premise. It is much more – it’s an insight into how these characters were able to overcome obstacles after they hurt people in the process. I also think it’s a love letter to London, my favorite European city. It made me want to visit again, even though I have been there numerous times.

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