Indian Secrets (Book Thoughts: Don’t Let Him Know, Sandip Roy)

22245553Twelve inter-connected stories comprise “Don’t Let Him Know,” all revolving about the Mitra family: Avinash, the closeted gay father; Romola, his strong-willed wife, and Amit, their only son. The stories jump in time from present-day to a Calcutta of not too long ago, and converge in Carbondale, Illinois, where Avinash studied. It’s a family that has a lot of secrets from each other. Avinash expresses his desires in clandestine gay chat rooms. He goes to a gay club in Calcutta and gets involved with a male hustler. Romola reminisces about the famous movie store who once fancied her, and wonders what might have been on the day of his funeral. Amit who has his first sexual encounter with a black woman, a perceived social taboo among Indians. We get to know all the characters in a very intimate level. I was fascinated by their stories, of how they dealt with the consequences of their secrets. This book goes straight to the heart of these characters, and you will find being touched by them.

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