Slap That Bass (Webseries Thoughts: Meet The Morecocks 2: The Jake Bass Experience)


I very much liked the first installment of “Meet The Morecocks,” which is a webseries from popular site Cockyboys.  This series gives us a glimpse of the real life of models from the site, and the second installment, “The Jake Bass Experience” focuses on popular performer Jake Bass. This does a good job of humanizing Bass, by showing us his strong and vulnerable sides. He is just coming off a multi city European tour, promoting the book “A Thing Of Beauty” with some of his studio mates. He lives a typical New Yorker model life – taking the subway to get haircuts in the East Village, shooting a gig for Diesel, asking for an advance to pay for his rent. He seems to be very grounded – we don’t get the perform and play persona that some of his cohorts in the industry have. Later on, he takes us on a tour of the house in Montreal where he grow up, where he describes himself as a very angry child and he would repeatedly punch the door – the holes are still there. It gives you a sense that he is definitely at a better place in his life. Later on he starts to live at the Cockyboys compound and we see him interacting with the filmmakers. Even though there’s a lot of depth with his story, I found this installment less satisfying than the first, maybe because I don’t find Bass as appealing. But I applaud this series as a whole, and hope Cockyboys does more of them.

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