Wedding Bell Blues (Television Thoughts, Bride And Prejudice Season 1, FYI)

bride_and_prejudice_s1_vertical1I just finished binge-watching the six episodes of “Bride And Prejudice,” which was shown on FYi network. This is a docu-series highlighting three couples who just jot engaged. But, because of either faith, race, or sexual orientation, their families are against these unions. You would think that in this day and age, do these things still exist? I knew they did, but in this show we have all these people unabashedly wearing their hate on their sleeve. It actually stunned me to hear someone like Ashlyn, speaking of her cousin’s fiancé a statement like  “I hate him because he is white.”

But they did, and these couples have to go along with their plans, trying to navigate and appease everyone. I cannot imagine dealing with some selfish relatives, who made these couples’ matrimonial plans all about themselves. Eugene and Samantha have an interfaith union, and Eugene’s family is so aghast that he is marrying a non-Jew. His brother holds the ceremony up for more than an hour because he couldn’t decide if he wanted to support the ceremony. We have Adam and Brianna who is an interracial couple, and we get to see one particular member of her family, the aforementioned Ashlyn who refused to be a bridesmaid because she was against the marriage. Gay couple Chris and Lou rounds up the three couples,  and we get Chris’s homophobic father, who refuses to have anything to do with the ceremony.

Some storylines veer into Bridezilla territory – Lou has a mental break down because pople were complaining about the Palm Springs heat during their run through (not a good look, hon) and at these instances I started rolling my eyes. But there are more genuine feelings here than those. I found myself invested in their stories, and of course, they all had happily-ever-after ceremonies that seemed a little inauthentic for old cynical me. I hope these bigoted folks see how their hate is magnified on television and realize that whatever happens, it is love that always wins.

One thought on “Wedding Bell Blues (Television Thoughts, Bride And Prejudice Season 1, FYI)

  1. Here I was hoping for a TV series about the movie musical that took place in India. (See it if you haven’t yet. Even if just for “No Life without Wife.”) This series does sound interesting though.


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