An 80s Party (Movie Thoughts: Everybody Want Some)

everybody-1Because of this article, I rushed out to see Richard Linklater’s new film ‘Everybody Wants Some.’  I was interested in seeing it anyhow, since this is his follow up movie since ‘Boyhood,’ though honestly with him I am hit or miss. But, I said to myself, a film with unexpected homoerotic elements should be worth exploring, right?

I did not like ‘Everybody Wants Some’ at all. It’s a film without any place to go, and when it got there, I had already stopped caring. The film happens around the last weekend before school starts at a Texas University. Jake (‘Glee’ star Blake Jenner, who looks like a young Matt Dillon here) opens the film, and gets to a housing unit comprised of the baseball team. They then go from party to party, getting drunk, trying to get laid, and….that’s it. That’s the extent of the whole movie. Oh, there is a little bit of a romance between Jake and a young lady who is a theater major, but it comes in at the last tenth of the film, almost like a belated thought.

I should really relate to more things in the movie, since this is set in 1980s, my era, my generation. And while the film does get the look and tone of the era – still a little bit disco, just the beginning of punk – my relation tot he film ends there. Most of these actor read too old to be college students, but then again that may be a personal perception. And that perceived homo erotic element? I never really got it besides. Sure there are tight shorts, and ass-grabbing, but the homoerotic angle is more shallow, not internal. Maybe because it was really never there. This film was a total waste of my time.

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