Megan, And More (Music Review: Megan Hilty Live At The Cafe Carlyle, Megan Hilty)

MeganHilty-MeganHiltyLiveattheI am a big Megan Hilty fan. (I was always #TeamIvy when I was watching ‘Smash’) So of course I am first in line listening to her new album “Megan Hilty: Live At The Café Carlyle. I have been waiting for it, but they keep on moving the line (bah-dum-bum. I’ll be here the whole week!) Kidding aside, I wish I had seen her at The Carlyle, but I guess this disc is the next best thing. Hilty is in fine voice here, and it’s full of feeling, though seeing her live I’m sure adds more depth to her renditions. And the show gives insight to a lot of things Megan: we find out before she sings “Bye Bye Baby” that it was her audition song for Smash. Of course, she sings a lot of her Smash songs in here”…moving the line,” “Second Hand White Baby Grand,” and the duet of “That’s Life.” (Matt Cusson takes over Kat McPhee’s duties on that last one)  The rest of the repertoire here are standards like ‘Someone To Watch Over Me,” ‘The Best Is Yet To Come,” and songs associated with her like ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.’ She does great service to these songs, but when I read reviews of her live show, I read she sang more interesting songs like ‘A Place Called Home,” and I had wished they included that here. She even does a (missing here) Rosemary Clooney Medley. I think her personality would shine in these numbers. But I am still thankful for what we get here, like a touching ‘Autumn Leaves/When October Goes’ medlette and torch numbers like ‘The Man That Got Away.’ We even get a wistful ‘Rainbow Connection’ at the end (which I think is a studio version) This is a great Megan Hilty souvenir, and I will keeping it close to my heart.

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