A Real Mother (Movie Thoughts: Mother’s Day)

indexJust in time for Mother’s Day on May 9th, we have ‘Mother’s Day,’ which is Gary Marshall’s latest installment in his ‘Holidays’ series. This movie is as bad as it sounds, and it is truly horrific in a lot of senses. It applies every sitcom trope you can find, and that wouldn’t be as bad if it was well acted, but this cast of great actors couldn’t even elevate the bad material. The screenplay – it took five people to come up with this crap – is a series of cliché after cliché, and you can see every actor here – Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson – just biding time waiting for their car service to take them home. And while we are it, why is Julia Roberts wearing her red hooker blunt wig from ‘Pretty Woman,’ coincidentally also directed by Marshall. The film takes an all-time low with Hudson’s character’s hate filled parents, played by Margo Martindale and Robert Pine, who spews every bigoted dialogue in their dialogue. (It’s not funny)  I wish I had something nice to say about this movie at all, and as I sat at home later thinking about it, I only realize all the mothers in the world deserve a better gift. Well, maybe that’s the one good thing I can say about this film: it made me think of my mother whom I miss everyday of my life.

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