Americans Abroad (Television Thoughts, Tour Group, Bravo)


The idea seems like a cliché that you wonder how it has not been done before. But imagine ‘The Real World’ and mix it up with a travel show and you have got ‘Tour Group,” Bravo’s newest docu-series (read: reality show)  It took me a while to start watching this, but I got pulled in tonight, and, well I liked it – a lot. I think this is because of the always-wanderlust in me. The show mixes eleven people and three tour guides as they travel to exotic locations in the world. The first episodes start in Marrakesh, Morocco, and of course we get the perfunctory comment “This just looks like the second movie of Sex And The City.” Of course, that comment comes from Heather and Amy, two high maintenance girls from Las Vegas. They are BFFs, and it looks like their relationship[ is going to get strained as they travel. There’s Jeff and Jetta, an interracial couple from Chicago – he has just recovered from a scooter accident and is fragile. She is a sassy black girl, and her attitude will be entertaining, for sure.  They are setting up a love triangle with Jarred and a twin set of Misty and Jenna (boring) and then there’s combative ex-model Michele. Luckily, they are skimping on the drama for now, and focusing more on the tour. The soukh in Marrakesh was a site to behold, and I openly wept with them as they visited Rwanda and saw gorillas. But this is Bravo, and I can feel the drama coming.

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