Smell My Name (Perfume Review: Kiss My Name, Ramon Monegal)

LRAM026461I don’t know, but lately (more like the past couple of years) i have been attracted to white florals – tuberose, jasmine, gardenia – and the headier the better for me. So when I read that Kiss My Name is a white floral bonanza, I lusted for it. I finally got a cheap open bottle on the bay a couple of months back and was so happy to finally own it. I wore it once and forgot about it, and today wore it again. I remember liking it then but obviously I wasn’t compelled to write anything at once. I am wearing it today and can’t help but feel disappointed by this. It is a white floral bouquet, all right, but blended in such a way that not one note stands out. Maybe that’s my problem with it – there’s this very potent signature Ramon Monegal note that’s present in all his scents – a cloying honey that makes or breaks his scents. Here it seeps in you, and stays there. I am sure I have this heavy sillage because when I sniff my shirt is is VERY strong. It is not helping that it is a warm day today so there’s a slight balsamic vibe. I don’t dislike this at all – it’s nice enough for me not to hate it. For niche pricing, though, I wished it stirred more emotion in me.

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