McCarthyism (Movie Thoughts: The Boss)

indexLook,  I had a five hour flight, and one of the offerings was ‘The Boss’ so I had no choice but to watch it. I guess that is my excuse for sitting through this pile of crap movie. I don’t know why, but I have a strong dislike for Melissa McCarthy and her humor. It just seems so…common. I mean, I am glad people do enjoy her, and she obviously shouldn’t care about what I think, but I was happy and glad that I hadn’t seen any of her star affairs, except maybe for her breakthrough ‘Bridesmaids.’  And yes, ‘The Boss’ is as bad as I thought it would be. Actually, all you needed to do was watch the trailer for this movie and you would get all the laughs you can squeeze out of this turd of a movie. Poor Kristen Bell, after ‘Frozen’ this is what she comes up with? What I am most baffled by is how charmless McCarthy is – her character her is despicable, and she doesn’t give it any trace of likeability so you end up not caring even a least bit about her character. And I swear I didn’t even crack a smile while watching the movie. Should I blame it on the altitude? Or am I alone in thinking that this is just not funny?

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