How To Handler (Television/Webseries Thoughts: Chelses. Netflix Streaming)

images.jpgI never really watched Chelsea Handler’s E! show when it was on, and I once saw her stand up act and was quite unimpressed by her comedy. But I was putzing around Netflix, and her show was “recommended” to me based on my their algorithms, and since an episode was a little less than half an hour, I went in. Yawn. The first episode was just okay, nothing groundbreaking. I still am not the biggest fan of her humour, but there’s nothing either of us can do about that. I must say, though that she attracts A list guests, probably more because these stars are personal friends of hers. The second episode, with Gwyneth Paltrow, was a little better, but that segment on TED talks was a bit boring.  The third episode, though, turned a corner for me. She has a dinner with some of the new Captain America movie: Chris Evans, Emily Van Camp, Sebastian Stan, and Frank Grillo. They talked about a lot of things, and it felt a lot less perfunctory – we saw these stars as human beings, with great anecdotes about their craft, drinking episodes, and Ben Affleck. I think Handler works best as a “reactor,” as opposed to laying the comedy line, and I found her – and the dinner conversation – quite engaging. Will this make me tune in to future episodes? We’ll see, but it definitely got me more interested.

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