The Six Year Itch (Movie Review: 6 Years)

six_yearsFunny how things change over time. They once said that a relationship gets tested every seven years – wasn’t even there a term called “the seven year itch? But darn these millenials and their shorter attention span. Apparently, now the threshold is six years. “6 Years” focuses on the six year relationship between Mel and Dan (Taissa Farmiga and Ben Rosenfeld)  At the six year mark, their relationship is showing cracks – there’s boredom, and impatience, mostly egged by their respective friends. Melodramaric events cause seismic tremors, and do they survive?

I felt instantly engrossed. I fell into the trappings of the melodrama. I fell stupid angry at Farmiga’s mel – I thought she was insensitive, need,  and high maintenance. I certainly understand why Dan’s eyes would wander to her co-worker Amanda. This relationship is doomed, not because it is truly doomed, but these kids are just finishing college – they are getting job offers, they are just starting their lives. Dan’s mother tells him to think about himself and have no regrets, and that is true. To be “ball and chained” at that point in their lives would be so foolish – they will always think ‘what if.’  Oooh, I couldn’t help but feel so invested in these characters, and manipulated by the twists and turns of the screenwriter. Hannah Fidell directs this with a lot of passion, and Rosenfeld, especially is appealing. I read that a lot of these takes are improvisational, and perhaps that is why the characters come off differently depending on the viewer’s point of view.

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