The Tea Of It (Perfume Thoughts, Tea For Two, L’Artisan Parfumeurs)

ttFor some reason, I craved wearing L’Artisan ‘Tea For Two’ this evening. This perfume is one of my first ‘niche’ loves. I remember discovering it and feeling my heart beat a little faster. I thought to myself, this is a perfume which does not want to be beautiful (in the traditional perfume sense) but it ends up being more gorgeous. At that time, the tobacco and cinnamon notes were new to me, and I dipped myself in them with wild abandon. And the tea note – it was revolutionary – slightly smoky, slightly bitter, all addictive. I remember getting a comment from a co worker that I smelled “weird but wonderful.” (She didn’t know it was my perfume and I did not say)  And perhaps Tea for Two is the reason why to this day I cannot get enough tea-based perfumes, and still idolize Olivia Giacobetti, who signed this. She always has a light ethereal touch to her creations, they touch you internally. My craving tonight was out of the blue, but this perfume comforts me like no other scent does. I am well.

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