Broadway Friends Forever (Book Thoughts: Jack & Louisa Act 1, Andrew Kennan-Bolger & Kate Wetherhead)

22571652Cute and adorable. Those are the two best words to describe “Jack & Louisa Act 1,’ by Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Kate Wetherhead. They are Broadway veterans (He is on the boards right now as the lead in ‘Tuck Everlasting’) who wrote this children’s book aimed at kids aged 8-12. But it’s probably really made for theater aficionados like myself. This is a story of Jack, who is a young actor who starred on Broadway. He moves to Shaker Heights Ohio with his family and meets his neighbour Louisa, who is his kindred spirit when it comes to Broadway shows. They are obsessed with it, listening to original cast recordings day in and day out. I mean, kind of like me. Isn’t it wonderful that kids nowadays have a book like this to relate to, making them feel a little less weird about who they are? Needless to say, I totally loved the book, and the two characters’ exploits, even if the theater snob in me would probably think the theater choices here are a little too ‘popular.’ (If I were going to choose a Sondheim show to get obsessed about, it would probably be ‘Pacific Overtures’)  But the real theater lover in me is madly in love with this book, and even as I type, will be starting its sequel.

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