Chaos Is Fun (Television Thoughts: Season Five So Far)


For some reason, I stopped watching last season’s Veep after the third episode so for the past two days, I have been binge-watching the whole of Season Four, and the first four episodes of Season Five. In this new season, this show has not lost any of its bite. I did not even realize that its creator, Armando Iannucci left the show last year so a lot of people were interested in how the show would do. It’s still fantastic – one of those shows where I would laugh out loud. It’s that kind of comedy wherein sometimes I have to stop and realize how funny something is, and a split second later start laughing so hard.  This show is ever so current and in this election cycle so freakishly topical – a woman running for President. I don’t know if this would help or hurt Secretary Clinton but President Selina Meyer’s wild and funny crew is peerless, from Anna Chlumsky, to Reid Scott, to Tony Hale. The newer additions just add more texture. I particularly love Hugh Lauire as the crowdp-pleasing Vice Presidential running mate (for sure to irritate Selina) and John Slattery as The President’s  new love/lust interest. And Julia Louis Dreyfuss – still the best comedic actress on television today. I knwo she has won so much Emmys, but her performance in the forth episode this season really should earn her another one – trust me, I won’t complain.

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