Ricky So Fine (Movie Thoughts: Special Correspondents)

large_large_hYBJMFUI22mM1kzgHj0AsSQrrTFRicky Gervais stars, writes and directs in ‘Special Correspondents,’ a movie that is available on Netflix.  I like Gervais enough, especially when he is being acerbic and ‘mean,’ but that’s not the Gervais we get here. What we get is the nice fuzzy teddy bear section. He plays Ian, who along with his co-worker Frank (played by Eric Bana) fake their own kidnapping after they get into a mishap and doesn’t get to Equador where they are supposed to be special correspondents for a radio station. The movie is absed on the French comedy “Envoyés Trés Spéciaux,” and you get one of those bumbling, slapsicky, kind of corny kinds of films. About ten minutes in, I thought to myself, this is going to be bad. It turns out it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Gervais, and especially Bana, engage you in the action, and Vera Fermiga, playing Ian’s ambitious wife, steals whatever scene she is in. This is the type of film you may not necessarily seek, but I think is perfect for Netflix. If you find yourself flipping through titles, you could probably do a whole lot worse.

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