She’s The Sheriff (Music Thoughts, Better Than Anything, Sue Sheriff)

SSue Sheriff - Better Than Anything (2016)ue Sherrif’s album ‘Better Than Anything’ piqued my interest because it was produced by Rebecca Parris, who is one of my favorite jazz singers. Parris has been sort of mentor for Ms. Sheriff, who has established a little name for herself in the New England jazz scene. And she has fantastic taste in songs – some of my favorites are here ‘Whisper Not,’ ‘The Face I Love,’ and the title track. And she is backed by a great group of musicians. And her voice is warm and sunny, there’s a smiling lilt to it. So why am I lukewarm towards her, and this album? I think it boils down to her musical choices – ‘Whisper Not,’ for example suffers from a unnecessary scatting middle, and I felt like she was rushing through it. Style wise, I guess I prefer Peggy Lee’s assured swing. And as much as I love ‘The Lonely Night,” i can’t help but still hear Judy Holliday’s version in my head while she sings – her version just disappears in my ear. these are just personal preferences as I cannot fault her musicianship. It makes me think that we are all unique individuals and we react to what touches us, and sadly for me, Ms. Sheriff just doesn’t touch me.

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