A Guy And A Doll (Book Thoughts: Jack & Louisa Act Two, Andrew Keenan Bolger and Kate Wetherhead)

jl25685311After finishing ‘Jack & Louisa:Act 1,” I rushed into ‘Act 2’ right away, and it’s even better. We follow Jack & Louisa’s friendship, and their escapades. The second book finds them taking a Christmas trip to New York City, and it is my favorite part of this book, as they explore theater life. I loved teh part wherein Jack had to see his old show ‘The Big Apple’ and had to deal with the complex emotion of dealing with the young boy who took over his role in the musical after he was fired. It felt very real, and very grown up – Jack is definitely an old soul and is in touch with his feelings. When they go back to Shaker Heights, Ohio, they have to deal with their school production of ‘Guys And Dolls,’ and though as engrossing, that part of the book becomes a little bit run-of-the-mill. There is still a lot to enjoy here, and now am anxiously awaiting Act 3.

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