Hard Lemonade (Perfume Thoughts: Pasha de Cartier)

nd.315Pasha de Cartier was released in 1992, but I don’t know why, but it smells very 80s to me. The perfume is of the big and bold variety – a powerhouse that lets you know it’s there, and it’s there to stay. The notes are lavender, orange, caraway. But it’s caraway all the way, really. I associate that with very manly scent. People talk about the old lady note, but for me that’s the elder gentleman one. I haven’t thought of this perfume recently but I realized I got a bottle for Christmas – I never owned it before – and just recently opened it. The best surprise for me ? The amount of dirty musk here, and it’s the one that stays with me. This definitely has sex on my skin, and that is a good thing in my book. Luca Turin famously snarks at this perfume on the Perfumes book saying that this perfume is very Lemon Pledge-y but seriously I don’t get that at all on my skin. Sure, it’s very aromatic, but the citrus isn’t just lemon. I like it. This one is an old-school scent that I am glad I have in my collection.

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