Be My Little Baby (Book Thoughts: Pretty Baby, Mary Kubica)

23638955I normally do not read a lot of psychological thrillers, but on occasion one catches my eye. I think the last one I read was ‘Gone Girl,’ and that has been a while back. I randomly started reading Mary Kubica’s ‘Pretty Baby’ and it caught my attention instantly – in the beginning there was promise that something mysterious, shocking, thrilling was going to happen here. I wish I could say that I felt al those things while reading this book but I found a big chunk of this slow, and a little predictable. I liked the writing style – chapters are told from points of view of the three main characters, and it was nice to see Willow’s story unravel this way. But as I said, there was nothing out of the ordinary in the story, and some of the antagonists sounded very one-dimensional to me. I know Kubica has a huge following, so maybe I just started with the wrong book with her.

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