Walken Dead (Movie Thoughts: One More Time)

one_more_time_aka_when_i_live_my_life_over_again_ver3“One More Time,” directed by Robert Edwards stars Christopher Walken as Paul Lombard, an aged mid-century crooner in the Sinatra/Bennett mode, and he is perfectly cast. He sings in tune, has a soft shoe that’s to die for, and a fistful of charm, and you can see why he was the bomb back in the day. He has a new song, and is poised for a comeback (though he says ‘I Never Went Away!’) after he gets asked to open for The Flaming Lips. Amber Heard plays her daughter, also a musician, and also aimless, unsure of her next step in life, clouded in her father’s shadow.  She camps out at his Long Island home where we meet other members of their ‘wacky’ family. I am trying to set up the film more interestingly. We get your typical rich family drama here, and we don’t care for any of them. I mean I like Walken in the role, but the role, not so much. I found myself getting bored while watching the film. And Amber Heard’s musicianship did not really impress me for me so hoping for a breakthrough for her character seemed out of the question. Ann Magnuson, as Walker’s newest wife, showed some signs of spark, but I felt she was just as bored sitting there with the rest of his family as the audience.

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