Bob-bob-bobbing Along (Music Thoughts, Fallen Angels, Bob Dylan)

MusicReviewBobDylan-06d72Trivia time: Did you know that Bob Dylan is a big Barbra Streisand fan? Plus, some people say that Judy garland is the love of his life. So, I really am not surprised that he seems to have a particular love for the Great American Songbook. I know that he released a Sinatra tribute album last year but as a follow up he has now released ‘Fallen Angels,’ an all Standards album. For me, it is always interesting to see when famous singers tackle the Songbooks because I always get a surprise when they do – of how out of touch with the songs they are at times, or how they make these songs their own. Dylan definitely infused Bob Dylan into these songs. If you are looking for perfect ‘interpretations’ of these songs, this is not your album. What Dylan brings to the table is his character and story to these pieces. I can’t help but imagine being in a dive bar while these songs are being played. There is this man on stage and he is singing these songs, and you know he means every single word he is singing because the stories are here – in hsi face, in how he sings these songs. Listen to the wistfulness of love’s hopeful surrender in ‘Young AT Heart.’ There’s the longing in ‘Maybe You’ll Be There,’ the uncompromising passion in ‘All Or Nothing At All,’ the fire of ‘All The Way.’  The album is Arlen-heavy so he knows his stuff (Another Garland influence, perhaps?) The songs never gets watered down, and the weight he gives it comes from his being Bob Dylan – only a true artist can do that.

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