Busted Blasted (Perfume Thoughts: Blasted Bloom, Penhaligon’s)

BLASTEDBLOOMEDPI admit. I bought Penhaligon’s ‘Blasted Bloom’ because of its bottle – so cute with its opaque white with the green bow. It denotes springtime. Plus, I got a really good deal. But, Blasted Bloom is busted. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had a strong negative reaction to a perfume. Maybe because it’s from Penhaligon’s, and I expected much more from the house. Blasted Bloom is a fruity floral in the worst sense of the word – a bland fruity blast in the opening (indistinct berries, plastic lychee) and it becomes more synthetic as the perfume develops – that sweet sugary plastic rose, heavily fake sugared. Then it goes to shampoo territory, in the worst possible way – “clean” smelling with no character at all. Seriously, I thought to myself – this is a perfume from a niche house? I can list numerous ‘generic’ designer fragrance creations that are much better. Scrubber!

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