When He’s Gone (Book Thoughts, Young Widows Club, Alexandra Coutts)

23310742‘Young Widows Club,’ By Alexandra Coutts is about Tamsen Baird who is seventeen years old, and is recently widowed. She married her high school boyfriend Noah, and six months later, he died in his sleep. We see her go through depression, and all its stages, as she looks for herself again. I can’t help but feel that this book felt like a Lifetime movie. It has a very interesting premise, and it tries to dig deep, but doesn’t really have a lot of depth. In this day and age, isn’t it very rare to have someone who is seventeen years old and married? I think the ramifications of that decision would have made for a much interesting book. As for this, I wish it felt more real, or perhaps just a bit darker. And while Tamsen is an interesting enough of a character, I never felt her real presence in this book. This was a nice enough beach read, forgettable after the first frozen margarita.

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