Sorority Spirits (Television Thoughts, Monica The Medium, FreeForm)

downloadDo you believe in Mediums? Honestly, I don’t know if I do, but I do know that there is a greater force out there, and our loved ones never leave us – they stay and become our angels. Of course, I have no real proof on this, but it is my gut feeling. I do believe, however, in medium shows. I believe them less now, as I see some shows become more and more commercial, hut the essence of these shows get to me, and yes I have shed a tear of ten in the past while watching the show. There was a time I really believed Teresa Caputo, the Long Island medium, but I concede that nowadays she does a lot of things in her show more for show than anything else. I feel the same way about Tyler, the Hollywood Medium – I wish he had more substance.

And now I am just getting into Monica The Medium. Monica is Monica Ten-Kate, who is your sorority medium. Well, perhaps not technically. She is a college student who used to go to school in Pennsylvania but has moved to San Diego, California. She is still a student, and I have only seen a couple of episodes of the second season. (I don’t know how I missed the first season on ABC Family; the secons season is on FreeForm, whatever that is)

What do I think? For me, more entertaining than anything else. I don’t really know if I am on board with her as a medium. She seems to be a little more superficial, but that’s just an initial reaction The ‘sell’ of this show is the idea of a regular college student who has to deal with the fact that she has a medium, kind of reminiscent of a Clark Kent who has to hide his identity. So it’s cute, but….

The ‘but’ here is that I hope she digs a little deeper than casual encounters and readings off the streets. I don’t know how and what direction that should take, but for me to take her a little more seriously, I need to see more.


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