Rock Lobster (Movie Thoughts: The Lobster)

img_00981Imagine a world wherein being single is considered some kind of great handicap – that if you are consciously uncoupled, you need to find a mate in x amount of time, and if you don’t you get banished and becomes an animal. That’s the premise where the first part of ‘The Lobster’ exists. The title refers to the animal that Colin Farrel’s character, David, chooses should he not make it. The process reminds me a bit of Hunger Games, where everyone scrambles to be alive. Singles check in at a hotel, and they date, and in order for them to be coupled, they have to have a marching attribute – a pair finds that they both have nosebleeds, for example. (I guess ‘Opposites Attract’ don’t work in this world?) David thinks he finds a match, until he doesn’t. He then escapes the hotel and joins the rebel group, and in an ironic twist, finds his love there. But as militia groups go, they go against the norm, and aren’t allowed to fall in love.

To say that Yorgos Lanthimos‘ movie is weird is an understatement. It is satire of the highest variety, and there are times I got lost trying to follow what’s what. But it is immensely watchable, even if at times the situations make me cringe. Farrell is great here, understated and effective, and Rachel Weuisz, who plays the ‘love interest’ is affectionately weird. The ending seems just a bit undercooked, and a little abrupt given the set up. Still, this movie will challenge you and make you think so outside the norm you will accept it all at once. Revel in it.

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