Sloane Sophisticate (Music Thoughts, Sophisticated Lady, Carol Sloane)

FolderI listen to all these albums by all these young jazz singers, and some of them are fine, but still there is nothing like listening to an album from one of the greats. Carol Sloane is definitely up there if you want to talk about jazz singers. And I don’t think there is anyone else (besides Ella) who has mastered Ellington more than she. ‘Sophisticated Lady’ is an album from 1977, and was produced for the Japanese market. And thsi album may be filled with some of the more common Ellingtunes: ‘Solitude,’ “Satin Doll,’ “It Don’t Mean A Thing,’ but we all know that there are no common songs for a brilliant singer. At first, I was kind of resistant to Carol Sloane’s charms, but of course, as I learned to appreciate jazz more, I realized that Sloane’s caramel voice is one of the best. It is nice to hear a somewhat young Sloane voice here – she sounds like a baby – but even then her sense of swing is unparalleled. I pulled this album out of the blue the other day, and as classics go, this album’s shine hasn’t dulled, almost thirty years after.

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