But Not For Me (Movie Thoughts: That’s Not Us)

Cga6Y_bUEAAbwOpWe see films because we want to see stories of our lives. We see ourselves in the characters and get lost in their narratives. But what if the stories are so slight that you just don’t care, and worse, you roll your eyes because the dilemmas are too trivial? That’s how I felt while watching ‘That’s Not Us,’ wherein three couples go on a weekend in Fire Island during off-season, and issues come forth during said weekend – trust issues, stale relationships, unspoken fears. One of them involved a grown man in deep depression because he does not know how to ride a bike. Yes, I know that those are just trigger points to bigger issues but it just was not too enticing to follow. I seriously had a headache by three quarters of the movie, and had no investment with any of the characters. Maybe, this just wasn’t for me.

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