Smelling Happy (Perfume Thoughts: Girl, Pharrell + Commes de Garcons)

nd.25524.jpgPharrel’s ‘Girl’ is a different kind of celebrity scent, and it could my attention instantly. The singer collaborated with Comme de Garcons, so you know you are not getting a run-of-the-mill product. I read somewhere that he fell in love with one of their scents, Wonderwood, and wanted something similar for himself. Antoine Lie signed this, and while not as innovative as other CdG scents, this makes a nice commercial addition to their line.

The perfume starts out common enough – a citrus/lavender mix that you think you have smelled a million times before, but before you know it musky woods come in – The Wonderwood influence comes into play – and some spice, some incense comes in, and the perfume makes a sudden left turn to interesting. What we get is a woodsy, incensy, cedar-y mix that’s light and pleasant. There are even hints of sweet vanilla in there that I get. It smells ‘fresh,’ and around the same time this scent came out his song ‘Happy’ was a big hit so I would assume he wanted the idea of ‘happy’ in here. It works.

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