Imagine Me And You (Movie Thoughts: Me Before You )

Me-Before-You-Movie-PosterI have been looking forward to the movie version of “Me Before You” ever since they announced it, as I am a big fan of the Jojo Moyes novel, and its sequel ‘After You.’  The film stars Emilia Clarke, from Game Of Thrones, and Sam Claflin, from the Hunger Games, as ‘mismatched’ lovers. She is Bohemia, he is of Old School Aristocratic lineage (He lives in a Castle!) Listen, we have all seen this story before, so we are basically left with how these two actors are going to be in the role. While their chemistry isn’t hot as fire, it smolders enough in a chaste, PG rated level. (As it is, my screening was full of teenage patrons) I had some problems with each – Clarke came close to mugging every scene, and Claflin at times seems uninvested, but perhaps that was more the direction. But more or less, they make it work, and they let the good storytelling (Moyes also wrote the screenplay) do its job. You realize all of a sudden you belive they have fallen in love with each other, and you do not even realize how much you cared that they do. And then I get that feeling that – this is good, but this is also so not good, the situation is dire, this will end in tears!

When it’s time for you to shed some tears, you do. And why shouldn’t you ? It sets you up, and these characters are vivid and real that you will be usurped into the web. Married with the light rock soundtrack, everything is laid out for you that you cannot resist. Is it better than the book? Apples and Oranges, for sure, but I honestly think the adaptation is good enough though you cannot help but see holes if you are familiar with the text. And I do appreciate the ‘unconventional’ ending that is angering Christian fundamentalists and some disabled groups. But all in all, it is what it is and it is what I expected it to be. Perfume lovers like myself will appreciate the featuring of the niche brand L’Artisan Parfemeur at the end of the film (I wonder if it is an arranged product placement,  and I bet sales will skyrocket) I honestly thought I would be an ugly cry for me, but the film only squeezed a still-pretty one from me. Still, a tear is still a tear.

One thought on “Imagine Me And You (Movie Thoughts: Me Before You )

  1. I absolutely loved the book so I can’t wait to see the movie (unfortunately it isn’t out here yet). I think Emilia Clarke is the perfect person to play the role, she’s so bubbly and fun to watch. Haha you are right, a tear is still a tear. Nice review, are you currently sharing your work on any other movie/tv platforms?


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