Near And Away (Book Thoughts: Come Away With Me, Karma Brown)

23569705First of all, I don’t know if it is intentional or not, but Karma brown’s ‘Come Away With Me’ has a lot in common with Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat Pray Love.” In my book, that’s not the greatest thing in the world because I am not a fan of the latter, as I think it is a pretentious self-indulgent book. Brown grabs the same idea, and truth be told, reformulates it in a more melodramatic manner. But it works. This is the story of Tegan, who gets into a car accident with her husband and loses her baby. She goes into a major depression which brings us into a spiritual journey – a literal one – which takes her to Thailand, Italy, and Hawaii. I loved the travel part because it gave me a chance to imagine the places as I have already been to all of the. (The lats part, in Maui, is especially fresh because I had just been there) But the novel is a lot more than that, as it has a ‘twist’ at the end hat changes how you feel about the whole story. It is pretty powerful and got me in a real emotional roller coaster. I was taken aback by it, and am still processing it as I write. This is a story about love and grief, and how we reconcile those two things. This story is unforgettable.

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