Money, Dick, Power (Television Thoughts: War, Unreal S02 E01)


‘Unreal’ is back, and it is bigger.

i had been looking for ward to the second season because I thoroughly enjoyed the first one – it feels like I have a commitment to the show. And like the reality show this is set on, the season starts with a reboot. We have a new “Suitor,” on the fictional dating show ‘Everlasting.”  Rachel (Shiri Appleby) is now the official showrunner, as Quinn (Constance Zimmer) moves up to the head honcho position. The suitor is still controversial – a black football player who has anger management issues, and is trying to rehabilitate his image. The show was a tough sell for him at first, but he acquiesces, until he gets to be a pawn on the power play between Quinn and the ex head honcho (Craig Bierko)

So basically even though the dynamics are the same, the players have different roles using different strategies. I don’t know why but I find the football set up a little uninteresting. The racial dynamics are a little too obvious for me, but maybe it’s also because I am not physically attracted to the suitor. The power play between Quinn and Rachel is still exciting, and it’s nice to see them as unlikely cohorts here – they even bond by getting matching tattoos (Money, Dick, Power) I see a lot of potential with the young women they set up – there’s a black activist, a white supremacist, even a Muslim in the mix. While those sound a bit contrived, this show has a way of being fearless that there is always an element of surprise.

So I’ll be watching.

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