Before The Day (MusicThoughts, Valentine’s Eve, Kitty La Roar)

Kitty FolderLa Roar’s album (with Ed Jones and Nick Shankland) ‘Valentine’s Eve’ is a romantic album. It’s not about heartbreak, or lost love, it’s about celebrating being in love right here right now. The title recalls a feeling, of hat giddy excitement before the Day of Hearts wherein you just know the next day will be a day full of anticipation for celebrating what you feel for someone. The title track conveys that emotion, and even though a lot of times I get very underwhelmed with original jazz compositions, this one was pretty good. La Roar has a very expressive almost-fragile voice that squeaks the emotion in full throttle. I loved this album. It perfectly evokes that scene where you are sitting by a fireplace with the one you love, and enjoying just being there. Look at the song selection: “I’m In The Mood For Love,” “I Only Have Eyes For You,” “The Nearness Of You.” They all have that same euphoric emotion of falling and being in love. Now if only….

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