You Should Go And Love Yourself (Movie Thoughts: Be Somebody)

indexThe star of the movie ‘Be Yourself’ is Matthew Espinosa, who is apparently a big star on the social media app Vine. He kind of looks like Justin Bieber during the singer’s awkward phase, you know bangs and bow hair cut, so I confess that I already had a predisposed notion about how he is and how I would react to the movie. So I start watching it and find myself not hating it. In here, Espinosa is teenage pop star Jordan Jaye, and he is unhappy – he doesn’t have time to be himself, too much work yadda yadda first world problems. So the poor kid escapes his tour bus (I know) and gets entangled with Emily, played bY Sarah Jeffrey, a ‘normal’ teenage girl who in the beginning does not recognize who he is. Okay, this movie has been done before: pop star meets pauper-ish girl (She delivers pizzas) and…fall in love? Jeffrey has effortless charm that you see how Jaye falls for her, but Espinosa is a little too addled with ADD for me that most of the time I wanna tell him to sit still (Yes, I am old)  But I admit they do have chemistry, and I believed, and believe you me, it took a lot for me to get there. This is good in a wholesome Disney channel sort of way (they only kiss on the cheek!) and if I had a teenage daughter, I would be more than happy to see this with her. But really, that’s just about it.

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