Manipulate Me! (Television Thoughts: Insurgents, unReal S02 E02)


Well, wasn’t the second episode ending a surprise? There was a lot of fighting in the second episode this season – Quinn vs Rachel, Chet vs Quinn, Crew 1 vs Crew 2 – that how the President of the network handled it was genius, and totally threw me off. There has been a battle for control of the show – Quinn and Chet are shooting different versions. Quinn’s leans more on the fairy tale, while Chet’s version veers more T & A. They are both valid versions of the show, and it is just a matter of where the network wants to go. But of course, that turmoil cannot really be good for the production – you never know who to follow (Indeed, two separate camera crews are filming each version) and the suitor and teh girls are getting confused. As Rachel says, “Everyone is manipulating,” and everyone thinks they are right. So the network did the best thing, in my opinion: hire a third executive producer!

And of course Cooper Widerman, will only create more conflict for everyone, and gee, that will just make more rounds in this roller coaster of a show. Truth be told, I don’t know if I gave this impression, but I was a little underwhelmed by how this season started, and was even thinking that I am unsure about writing about the show every week. But now, after this development, I just gotta shout: BRING BACK THE BITCHES!

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