African Queen (Perfume Thoughts, Bal D’Afrique, Byredo)

nd.6458Another Summer day in the desert.  I wanted to dress up a little bit today, just because. There’s this cute green polo I wanted to wear, and of course, I wanted a perfume to match it – I am weird liek that. So I wanted something green, maybe citrus, something with a little bit more heft to it than a cologne type. Then it hit me – Byredo’s Bal D’Afrique! That would be perfect to wear today.

Signed by Jerome Epinette, Bal D’Afrique is a tribute to the roaring 1920s in Paris. Imagien you are at a late night club and seeing Josephine Baker, performing with wild abandon, singing with an Aftican band behind her – congo drums and all that. That scene is the inspiration for this scent.

Oh-tay. What I get is a sparking citrus opening – the freshness of bergamot combined with a dense neroli. It gives a light impression, but it clings. Much has been said that there is a musky sweat note here, but not in that sense of that word. It’s a sweet musk that just makes it a little heavier. Then a bouquet of flowers enter (Marigolds, jasmine, Violets) and then there’s vetiver. The vetiver gives it a sparkle, a teinkle that makes you feel that the perfume you have on is a little bit more special. This is one of those perfumes that make me feel good instantly. It makes me feel what I have on is a little bit more dressed up than normal, and is absolutely the perfect match for the start of my day today. I remember the day I got this, at Aedes in 2009. I fell in love with it instantly and if I close my eyes right now, I could still go back to myself that day, what I was feeling, the possibilities of my old life. Perfume does that to me, and on days when I need a pick-me-up, is a needed dose of sanity.

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