Clocks Ticking (Movie Thoughts: Embarazados/We Are Pregnant)

ro56zOZZPYucLAdDC8Nzno13YNPI am a sucker for romantic comedies, that is true. I am also a sucker for foreign movies, that is also true. So I did not mind being sucked into watching ‘Embarazados’ (English title: We Are Pregnant) from Spanish Director Juana Macias. This film centers around a couple, Alina and Francisco (Alexandra Jimenez and Paco  Leon) who is approaching middle age and are faced with the fact their bioligical clocks are ticking. But is he really ready to go through all that, as Alina start to get obsessed with the idea. Maybe there are a lot of things lost in translation (though I doubt it) but this couple came across to me as obnoxious and selfish both – Alina especially. I could not, for the life of me, sympathize with either character, even though Jimenez and Leon try their damndest with their charm. And the local Spanish flavor here is minimal (although Madrid and San Sebastian look as pretty as the photogenic actors) and  even felt like the movie was aping their American counterparts. By the time it reached an inevitably predictable conclusion, I had already checked out.

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