A Trip To Oman (Perfume Thoughts: Incense & Cedrat, Jo Malone Cologne Intense)

3d43649981635700ed5a5b5a6b1c1314I am liking almost every new release from Jo Malone lately, and that includes their Cologne Intense release from earlier this year – Incense and Cedrat. Who would ever think that Jo Malone would ever release an incense-based scent, with the label’s aesthetic for all things flowery, light, and pretty. But Marie Salamagne, in this release, has created something pretty in incense. She almost eliminates the smoke from this, leaving us with a sweet resinous sap. It feels light – the cedar in it has a lot of lemon so it never feels bogged down as other incense-based scents tend to do. It feels easy to wear, and on hot summer days can even be…clean and refreshing. Apparently, the incense here is based on the Omani incense. I have never been to Oman, but I read that incense is a big part of their lifestyle, as they use ti for a variety of reasons. As I mentioned earlier, I am quite taken by this fragrance – it’s easy to wear and perfect for days when you want to wear something substantial without making such a big statement. It has less than normal longevity, though, which is a thing for some Jo Malone scents.

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