His Name Was Lolo (Movie Thoughts: Lolo)

5soasj0jI have a fond affinity for Julie Delpy, the actress, because of Richard Linklater’s ‘Before’ series, and I know I have seen the two movies she directed (‘Two Days In  Paris,’ and ‘Two Days In New York’)  but I don’t remember much about them besides the fact that I remember she was married to Chris Rock in one of them (maybe both)  But I was looking forward to “Lolo,” her third directorial effort, because it’s her, and also because I can’t remember the last time I saw a French film, and I usually love them.

Well, ‘Lolo’ is as French as it gets, and it is always a treat for me to explore French modern culture. Set in Paris – and beautifully photographed by the by – this tells the story of Violette, a middle aged woman who is looking for love. But, she lives with her son, Lolo (Vincent Lacoste) a young man in his early twenties, who keeps on sabotaging her relationship. She meets a man from the province, and she thinks this is the one, but Lolo goes through a lot of shenanigans so his mother gets discouraged. Lolo is written almost like a cardboard, and we do not know his motives why he keeps on messing his mom’s love life, and after a while it gets so tiresome. And Julie Delpy plays Violette as a hyper, clueless woman, and everyone around her see what is going on,a nd again, you are baffled why she doesn’t.

There’s a lot in the film that’s fun to watch, and we even get a cameo from Mama Karl Lagerfeld himself, so it’s not such a lost cause of a flick, but getting to these parts may require just a bit of patience.

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