No Need To Drag It (Book Thoughts, Drag Teen, Jeffrey Self)

26625420Look at what the world has come to: we now get Young Adult noels about little kids who want to grow up to be drag queens. I guess if the millennials are the ‘Will and Grace’ generation, then the next generation will be the ones growing up to ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race?’ Jeffrey Self’s ‘Drag Teen’ is an empowering novel to young gaylings who are looking for their identity in the world, and that is the biggest praise I can give this book. But I have to be honest – I am probably too old and too cynical for this. I thought the thin plot was straining, the characters obnoxious, and the humour a little of the trying-hard variety. I thought a lot of the plot seems inauthentic, not to mention most of the surrounding characters. But I am not the target market for this novel, and I am sure a lot of people will enjoy it. And hello, the idea itself of the book is fabulous with a capital F, and I won’t dare knock that.

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