People Who Need People (Movie Thoughts: Those People)

id374752.jpgJoey Kuhn’s ‘Those People’ surprised me. It surprised me because it moved me so much in so many ways and I can’t remember the last time a piece of art touched me in such a profound way that I felt I knew myself just a little bit more after appreciating it. This movie is a story of different loves – first love, unrequited love, unconditional love – but your only take away from it will be love. This is one of the most romantic films I have seen in a long time, certainly the most romantic one this year. It tells the story of Charles (Jonathan Gordon) and his best friend Sebastian (Jason Ralph) There’s a scene in the beginning of the movie when Charles tells someone, “I’m a piner,” because it seems he has loved his best friend since they were eleven years old. But Sebastian thinks he doesn’t know love: his father is in jail for Madoff-esque crimes, and he is alone in a big house full of those crimes’ ghosts. When Charles meet an older man who falls in love with him, his relationship with Sebastian changes – because it needed to change.

You know that strange euphoric  feeling of being in love fir the first time ? This film captures that, but at the same time, this film also captures the hurt, the heartbreak of realizing all the pain that can come with falling in love. It depicts it so vividly that I started crying without even feeling like I was – it just went into my heart and shattered it without warning. The film is beautifully photographed, it makes New York City feel like the romantic city that it can be (it made me miss it instantly) and it also contain star-making performances from both Jonathan Gordon and Jason Ralph. Ralph’s smiling eyes convey the most painful heartbreak and longing, Gordon’s dimples can’t hide all the pain from his smiles. A character in the movie says “there’s always someone in our life we will love forever, even though we know we will never be with that person.”  Don’t we all know that.


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