It’s War! (Television Thoughts: Guerilla, S02 E03, Unreal)



‘Guerilla,’ the title of the third episode of the second season of ‘Unreal,’ fits the episode to a T. There’s a war on the set of ‘Everlasting,’ and it seems to be each man for himself in terms of survival. Coleman is in charge, he thinks, but there are so many heads spinning all the players in Everlasting. Let’s cut to the (unexpected?) wnding of Coleman and Rachel kissing. We knew that was going to happen, right? (Well, I read an article hinting it would happen, so it’s not a total surprise for me)  I wish I could say that there is hot chemistry between them two, but maybe it is better than their attraction is smoldering more than blazing, because we get a hint that maybe one is using the other (both)  I thought that things looked dire for Rachel when Quinn found out that she went behind her back, but now it seems Rachel has a new trick up her sleeve (Did we really think she was going to be leaving?)

And it seems the show now is focusing on the drama behind the scenes and not as much about the girls and the suitor on the show. I don’t know how I feel about that, since I think there’s a lot of stories to be mined between all these crazy girls. And of course, what is wrong with the suitor? I bet there’s some kind of health problem there.

So, all in all, things are picking up on the show, and I am back in.

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