Culture Clash (Movie Thoughts: Alex & Eve)

16f5878adc32738523214eea007a4a1e_originalLove is love is love is love. It sounds simple, and essentially, it is. We just need to accept each other and who we love and we can all live peaceful lives. ‘Alex & Eve,’ has a story that is a tale as old as time, only with a different variation. A young Greek man (Robert Brancatisano) falls in love with a Libyan woman (Andrea Demetriades) and all hell breaks loose. His family is Greek Orthodox, she is a Muslim,  And the message that we are more alike than different is hammered here, but still we do not listen to those words.

This movie works because of the easy chemistry between the two leads, although a little bit more development of their relationship would have worked better. But, for most part, you believe the two of them together, and you root for them. This movie is a little reminiscent of Nia Vardalos’ Greek Wedding series mixed in with a Romeo and Juliet type conflict, and it is funny and non-threatening even as some of the characters are spouting straight-up bigotry. Peter Andrikidis directs with a heavy hand and the wall-to-wall musical scoring can be a bit too much to take at times. But, this has a message that bears repeating, and if it changes a closed mind or two, then all would have been worth it. As entertainment, though, it satisfies enough and you can do much worse.

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