Calling Katia (Music Thoughts, I’ll Be Seeing You, Katia Cardenas)

static1.squarespace.comKatia Cardenas’ debut EP, ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ shows great promise, and I would say it mirrors where she is in her artistry right now. I like the fact that it is an EP, not a full album, because it represents a sample of who she is as a singer, because I don’t think she fully knows who she is as a singer. There are great elements here: there’s a strong jazz influence, but there are great hints of R & B and funk too. My favorite track is her poetic reading of ‘I’ll Be Seeing You,’ where you can feel her affinity for the song. But her note-by-note vocal aping of Ella Fitzgerald’s vocal arrangement of ‘Blue Skies’ just sits on the side of lazy. Her ‘Agua Medley’ is fine, and I was impressed by her fine command of a Portuguese sound, while her ‘It’s Too Late/Spooky’ medlette seems a bit forced. I commend her braveness in covering “You Know I’m No Good,” although I don’t know if she was succesful in making the song truly her own, as I still hear Amy quite a bit in the track. Verdict: She is definitely one to watch and I bet she evolves into a good something on her own.

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